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'The Water is Wide Variations' was conceived as a suite of variations of the 17th century Celtic song 'The Water is Wide'.  The album is an instrumental 'soundtrack' inspired by events, people and the stunning landscapes of Argyll and the Hebrides.


It is a 'made-for-cd' album - the pieces are interlinked, sometimes overlapping to create an immersive musical experience, enhanced by the beautifully illustrated, poetically worded 12-page booklet.  Listen to extended excerpts on the Music page.


The Water is Wide Variations


The Water is Wide Variations

1   The Water is Wide    (5:08)

2   A Final Glimpse    (2:56)

3   Looking Up    (5:43)

4   Maybe This Year    (7:12)

5   Lady's Rock    (2:40)

6   In Ruins    (4:17)

7   Contact    (2:14)

8   Far Away Remembered (4:36)

9   Stars    (15:16)

"...This evocative solo project captures the sheer beauty of some of the area's most tranquil locations ...Fleeman achieves just the right balance between symphonic, ambient, layered electronics and jazz. Each song on 'The Water is Wide Variations' paints just one section of a memorable aural picture best savoured in its entirety"

Natasha Scharf review, 'Classic Rock presents Prog' magazine    [Read full review]

"The Water is Wide Variations is an exceptional example of new-age instrumental magic.  Fleeman has crafted an expertly composed suite"

Jordan Blum review, 'Sea of Tranquility'    [Read full review]

"A very beautiful instrumental album, full of atmosphere"

Jürgen Meurer review,  'Progressive Newsletter'  (Germany)    [Read full review - Deutsch/English]

"The musical imagery, complemented by the poetic stories in the booklet, make for a very powerful listening experience"

Adam T Warne review, 'Little Machine Music'    [Read full review]

"An astounding, stunning piece of music"

David "Wilf" Elliott, 'The European Perspective' radio show (#145)

"The new work is stunning.  I have finally found an album that is a tonic for the mind... I listen to so many new albums on a weekly basis. The first few minutes into this album I was at peace."

Mat Sgattoni,  'Aural Moon' radio  (California)

Vision  (working title)

The new album is inspired by the story behind an amazing sight on Orkney - a corrugated-iron prefab magically transformed into an ornate, beautiful chapel by a group of Italian POWs during the Second World War (read more about the Italian chapel here).

Work on the album is now underway - head for the Music page where you can listen to a demo track (think of it as a taster - there's more recording/mixing/mastering to be done!).

Written, performed and produced by Al Fleeman.

Mastered by Barry Gardner at SafeAndSound.



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