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News Archive (older)

[3]+++Mastering is now complete and the tracks are winging their way to me as I type.  Cheers Barry!

[2]+++Music is now going through the process of being mastered - mastering engineer for the project is Barry Gardner of 'SafeandSound'.


[1]+++So all the music has been mixed.  Thanks to 'The Listening Panel' for putting in the hours (you know who you are).  The next job is to get it mastered ready for commercial release... Things are moving on.

[5]+++Downloads of all songs from the album are now available to purchase from               .  If you're wondering whether to go for the CD or downloads, my advice is to wait for the cd: Each piece overlaps slightly with the next (that's how they were planned and written) - you won't get that effect with the mp3s (neither will you get the 12-page booklet, with images and words to complement the music).  On the other hand, if you want to get the downloads now AND the cd later, I'll be really chuffed!

[6]+++I've now updated the 'Listen' page (now 'Music Pages').  You can now listen to excerpts (and 3 full songs) of all the finalised cd-ready tracks...and that includes the first chance to hear an extended clip of 'Stars', the 15-minute finale.  Note that these are compressed and therefore significantly reduced in audio quality compared to the cd/ downloads.

[7]+++Downloads are now also available from Amazon, iTunes and others.


[9]+++STILL ON SCHEDULE - The CD artwork proofs have been approved and pressing is underway.

[11]+++There's now a video (above) for 'The Water is Wide' created using imagery of the beautiful landscapes of Argyll and the Hebrides. Enjoy!

[12]+++As you've probably noticed, the CD has arrived and is now on sale - click on 'SHOP' and get your very own copy!

MARCH 2011

[13]+++'The Dividing Line' internet radio station presenter, David 'Wilf' Elliott, will be playing music from the album on his show, 'The European Perspective', on Sunday 3rd April (and available as a podcast after that).

APRIL 2011

[14]+++The podcast of 'The European Perspective' radio show (#111), mentioned below, is now available and features three tracks from the album.

[15]+++Some more airplay, this time it's California station 'Aural Moon'. Mat Sgattoni will be featuring my music during his show 'New Moon on Monday' (best broadcast time for UK is Weds 13th April, 7-9pm - check their schedule for other repeats).

[16]+++I'm involved in local promotion of the cd just now.  In the meantime, I've been getting some really positive feedback recently (you can read some of it on the 'Reviews/comments' page).  Please keep the feedback coming!

[17]+++More glowing feedback coming in.  If you haven't bought the CD yet...are you sure you aren't missing out?

MAY 2011

[18]+++If your wondering why I haven't updated for a couple of weeks, our village was without internet until yesterday. And last month's gales all but destroyed our greenhouse. So if you're thinking "that guy has an idyllic life", bear in mind there are drawbacks!

[19]+++I've just finished an interview with reporter Jenny from the local paper - should be in next week's edition. Also, the latest issue of 'Classic Rock presents Prog' magazine contains a great review of the album.

JUNE 2011

[21]+++Music review website 'Little Machine Music' has just posted a review of the album - it's another good'un!  Read the full review HERE.

[22]+++Check out the new video ('Video' page) for the end section of the album finale, 'Stars'.  It features amazing NASA/Hubble animations. If you like it, please share the link - lets make it go viral (or, at least, give it a bit of a sniffle!).

JULY 2011







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