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[23]+++Seems like every time I'm online lately, it's to research some pc issue or other - time for a new computer, I think (please do buy the CD!!). What with this and CD promo, it's been a while since I've actually written (or even played) anything. So the plan is to work on the 10th variation (yes, there is one, but I hadn't got it to a point I was happy with in time for the album release). The current idea, once completed, is to make it available as a free download for those of you who have purchased the album. More info as and when...


[24]+++Donald Scott, a good friend, died recently at the age of just 39. Following an accident 10 years ago, Donald was left paralysed, able only to move his eyes. Yet he was able to find enjoyment and humour in life. As a member of my 'Listening Panel' (you'll see his name on the CD credits), Donald had a hand (ear?) to play in the album. He was an inspiration and I miss him.

[25]+++Plans are underway to turn the old garden shed into a studio. Reroofing and double glazing I've outsourced but the bank balance demands that I tackle the interior myself (could be a disaster - cross your fingers for me!). I'll update with photos when things get underway.


[26]+++If you're checking in to see if the 10th variation piece is available, my apologies - it hasn't made it off the back burner yet (but it will!). This is because I'm writing a track for radio show/podcast 'The European Perspective'. With the working title 'Europer', it is more rocky than much of the album and will be available as a free about a month? I've never been the sort of composer who can churn out acres of music. What the hell - it'll be ready when it's ready!


[28]+++New track 'Europer' is coming on - replete with mellotron and synth leads! The shed conversion is progressing too - there are a couple of photos of the new roof here.

[29]+++Just checked the website using ie9 (I usually use the Chrome browser) and found that it displays the site slightly differently (some words/sections overlapping - not good). Apologies if you've experienced this - I spent a couple of hours ensuring that it looks ok in both browsers. If you use Firefox and the site looks 'wrong', please let me know.

[30]+++Is it just me, or is it November already? About 'Europer' - I have a new mic on order, so you can expect vocals! In the meantime, I've also started work on the new album, with two tracks currently on the go.


[31]+++As part of 'The Water is Wide' project, the first framed print of my photographic art is here - 'The Window', first seen on the CD back cover and strictly limited to 50 (individually numbered), is printed on very high quality cotton paper and is available now in the Shop.

[32]+++More than 10,000 visitors in a little over a year! Thanks so much for your continued support. Merry Christmas. And the ideal gift for your musically discerning friends and family? The Water is Wide Variations, of course!

[33]+++Season's greetings and thanks for your interest and support this year. I've recorded a video of my piano arrangement of 'O Little Town' - nothing very "pro" about the filming but I thought it was better than just saying 'Merry Christmas'. Watch it HERE.  Have a great Christmas.



[34]+++Happy New Year...a bit late but time's been taken up with the new studio (there's a new photo, showing progress so far, HERE). The electrics will be sorted in a week or so, then it's 'all steam ahead' on the new album, which will focus on the story behind an amazing chapel on the Orkneys, which you can read about HERE.

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[35]+++I was interviewed for ProgArchives a couple of weeks ago (thanks, Torodd) and it's now online - you can read it HERE.

[36]+++Ah, the anticipation before reading a new review! A positive one gives you a real boost, while a negative review is like a kick in the crown jewels! I feel proud (not to mention relieved!) that reviews for TWIWV have been overwhelmingly positive - you can see the latest, from US music website 'Sea of Tranquility', HERE.

MARCH 2012

[37]+++Time taken up with non-music stuff this week, but I am in the process of redesigning the website (this section, for example, is being replaced by a blog).  On the Home page, there's hidden entry to the new pages so far - have fun finding it! The redesign should be ready by the end of the month.







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