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Album's progress...Orkney, here I come.

By Al, Feb 13 2013 09:48PM

So, after a hundred takes, the vocals for 'The Warmth of You' are done (although I'll probably add/change some later, knowing me). Thanks to the listening panel for valuable feedback, who are giving the song some amazingly positive reactions. I'll add an excerpt to the 'Music' page in the next few weeks so you can get a flavour for yourself.

Inspiration is likely to receive a major boost in spring, when I'll see the Italian chapel and Churchill Barriers first hand. I'll be taking plenty of photos from which will emerge the album's cover and booklet (and some will be posted here).

Tomorrow sees the release of Robert John Godfrey's ('The Enid') solo piano album, "The Art of Melody". He's always seemed like a very strange guy to me (a true English eccentric!) but he's also very talented and writes some truly beautiful music. I'm looking forward to this one.

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