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Orkney, there I was.

By Al, May 6 2013 10:15PM

In 1943, Domenico Chiocchetti and his fellow prisoners-of-war, held captive on the tiny Orkney island of Lamb Holm, began making a place in which to worship. Starting with two Nissen huts bolted together, and utilising only basic materials, these men went on to create the breathtaking work of art known as 'The Italian Chapel'. Having now seen it first-hand, it really is breathtaking. Given the limited materials they had to work with, the degree of craftsmanship and ingenuity is remarkable.

You can see images of the chapel, along with other scenes from the islands, in my 'Orkney Collection', here.

To sum up my memories of the Orkneys - mostly flat, mostly fascinating...and mostly windy.

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