• Three Weddings and an Unoriginal Blog Title

    I know - a month between posts is TOO LONG! Please accept the old excuse - "been busy" - and add my disorganised mind. So apparently it's the season of weddings - you wait for years, then three come at once. I mention this because I've been asked to play at one of them - as it's for close family, it transforms from being a chore that I'd probably turn down(*), to an honour which I'm very glad to accept (especially as I've been asked to play some of my own compositions).

    Now the problem is that it's been a long time since I've done engagements/functions, so I need to put in some serious practice, as well as arranging each of a list of requested songs (I can never resist putting my 'stamp' on old favourites). And 'serious practice' falls into a familiar pattern for me: I sit at the piano with a plan of action and, after about an hour or so, realise that I've spent most of that time just improvising. Or I'm so off-topic that (as happened at the weekend) I've ended up composing a new piano piece. That's hardly time wasted (I'll probably post last weekend's piece on the site in the coming weeks and I'm tempted to put together a piano-only album in the next couple of years, so it's all useful), but it's not really addressing the task at hand!

    All of which - to eventually get to the point - means that the new album is having to take a back seat for now. It's certainly not been mothballed - even while 'practising', I'm coming up with new ideas and fine-tuning existing ones, so please resist the temptation to lose interest - I don't intent to follow the Blue Nile's example of releasing the next album at least 5 years after the last!

    So we know that the new album will include real drums - I'm lucky to have a talented brother...and, talking of which, Jim has been interviewed by respected drummers' website mikedolbear.com, which you can read HERE.

    (* - Unless there's the offer of a substantial fee - we've all got to make a living!)


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