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By Al, Feb 13 2013 09:48PM

So, after a hundred takes, the vocals for 'The Warmth of You' are done (although I'll probably add/change some later, knowing me). Thanks to the listening panel for valuable feedback, who are giving the song some amazingly positive reactions. I'll add an excerpt to the 'Music' page in the next few weeks so you can get a flavour for yourself.

Inspiration is likely to receive a major boost in spring, when I'll see the Italian chapel and Churchill Barriers first hand. I'll be taking plenty of photos from which will emerge the album's cover and booklet (and some will be posted here).

Tomorrow sees the release of Robert John Godfrey's ('The Enid') solo piano album, "The Art of Melody". He's always seemed like a very strange guy to me (a true English eccentric!) but he's also very talented and writes some truly beautiful music. I'm looking forward to this one.

By Al, Dec 4 2012 01:54PM

Some of you will have seen/heard my arrangement of “O Little Town of Bethlehem” on YouTube. Well, I've reposted it with a brand new video. Watch it HERE to get yourself in the Christmas spirit!

Merry Christmas

By Al, Dec 4 2012 01:03PM

I've been hard at work on the new album and, specifically, the first track to include vocals. The song (currently titled “The Warmth of You”) depicts the despondency of the Italian POWs on Orkney during WW2 and, in particular, their sense of separation from their religion. It's essentially a lament to the Virgin Mary and I've given it an emotional vocal (I'm hoping I haven't gone over-the-top with the angst – that's something for my much-appreciated 'Listening Panel' to report back on). To get that emotional feel to the vocal (and given that I, personally, am not religious) the song, in my mind, is about my lady rather than the Blessed one! I'll post a clip from the song in due course but there's more work to be done on it before that (the plan is for a powerful guitar solo to end the track).

And the title of this blog... I heard someone say this the other day. The guy was denoting surprise, though I've no idea of the origin or actual meaning of his phrase. Whatever, I did laugh!

By Al, Sep 21 2012 12:08PM

I recently checked out the website on both an iPad and an Android phone and found the menu didn't work - if you've had this experience, you'll be glad to know that links are now working on both devices.

By Al, Sep 9 2012 05:29PM

That's it for weddings for a while. Now, for the first time for weeks, I can get back to the new album - I'll keep you posted, of course.

I promised a new piano piece and you can now listen to this - entitled "Emma" - on the 'Music' page. It's not available for download at the moment but the intention is for a solo piano album in the not-too-distant future and this piece will certainly be included.

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